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601617 Assembly Workstation

Computer workstation designed for assembly and testing. The parts to be assembled arrive on the lower trays and after assembly, the operator can transfer them to the upper roller conveyor.

No accessories included.

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Initial situation:

Do you need an assembly and testing workstation in your facility? Do you require a computer at your workstation to enter important data while working? Would it be important that it is ergonomic so that the operator can easily operate the computer while standing and move the incoming and outgoing parts with little effort?

Our Solution:

This workstation is suitable for assembly and testing work on the computer. The ergonomically positioned monitor and keyboard holder ensure that you can work quickly and efficiently, without experiencing any discomfort or pain. Shelves for transporting incoming parts and a return roller conveyor at optimal height are easily accessible. The perforated rear panel of the workstation is capable of holding and storing tools, work instructions, and work labels according to the 5S standard.


Technical Information:

Article number: 601617
Length: 2940 mm
Width: 1983 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Profile Type: Steel (round, Ø28 mm, D-COAT)
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