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Additional accessories

The right solution for every application.

Modular and practical.

BeeWaTec offers a wide range of accessories for your workplace systems and other lean solutions. This means you get everything from a single source and benefit from more ergonomics at the workplace.

Perforated Panels

The perforated panel system systematically creates order and offers various application possibilities: as a panel element in the pipe racking system by G.S. ACE, as the rear wall of assembly workstations or as a free-standing wall for your workplace.

Eliminate waste through unnecessary searching and place your tools within reach. Reduce waste and follow the basic idea of lean management.

Numerous holders for tools as well as other accessories are available for the perforated panels.


A perforated plate as the back wall of a workstation, to which various accessories, tool holders are attached.


Magnet holders

The extra strong GraviFlex® magnets hold tools and offer high lateral adhesive friction forces. Thanks to their rubber-like surface protection, they can also be used on metal sheets with sensitive surfaces (paint, chrome, etc.).

Benefit from the flexibility of the magnets and ensure easy retrieval of your tools.


A tool is held within reach by a strong magnet that adheres to the metallic surface of a machine.


Workplace mats

Workplace mats (BEENOMIC) make an important contribution to the ergonomics of standing workplaces. BeeWaTec standing mats ensure maximum standing comfort - gentle on the joints, stimulating the circulation and insulating against cold. Special perforated workplace mats are suitable for use in wet areas to ensure safe standing


A workstation mat made of black polyurethane with ribbed structure


Labelling and magnetic elements

Magnetic labelling of products in the storage area means enormous flexibility. When goods are changed or rearranged, the labelling moves with them and is simply attached to the shelf at the new storage location. This saves re-labelling and the annoying removal of stuck-on labels.


Self-adhesive strips of magnetic foil in 7 different colors


Kanban and planning systems

The primary goal of Kanban is to reduce costs. Smaller inventories due to higher supply efficiency and speed lead to less capital employed and higher flexibility. Use Kanban systems to control your production.


Multiple viewing boxes for each day of the week with different colored marker boxes are used as a scheduling system.


Information and presentation systems

Our information boards, document and slip holders ensure that your documents are visually present, structured and immediately at hand when needed. Not only do you keep track of everything, but you can also share information and goals within the team.


Colorful magnetic frame with anti-reflective transparent film


Open fronted storage boxes and KLT containers

Our robust plastic boxes made of polyethylene and polypropylene are break-proof, dimensionally stable, chemically resistant and withstand even heavy use. The special design of the open fronted storage bins and containers allows different application situations: Storage and stacking (due to all-round stacking edge), use on roller tracks and hanging in add-on hanging rails. We also offer special Euro transport containers that are dimensionally matched to Euro pallets.


Sturdy plastic boxes in various sizes and colors, dimensionally fit on a Euro pallet.


Floor marking tapes

With our BEEStripe floor marking tapes, you can quickly and easily mark individual areas or paths in your production and logistics.
Even in areas with a lot of forklift traffic, BEEStripe floor marking tapes ensure good trafficability and a long lifespan thanks to bevelled edges.


Floor marking tapes on rolls in 7 different colors with smooth, easy to clean surface


BeeWaTec BASICs and Add-Ons

The BeeWaTec BASICs offer you everything you need for warehouse, business and office equipment. With over 35,000 articles in the best quality, you will find everything from the areas of storage, environment, transport, operations and office.

Discover our BeeWaTec BASIC catalogue now and experience our variety for every requirement.

Basic Catalogue



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