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Workplace lighting

More ergonomics through optimal lighting at the workplace.




Advantages of ergonomic workplace lighting

Proper lighting is an essential part of a modern workplace and production area. A well-lit workplace reduces errors and increases productivity.

Different areas of activity result in different requirements for illuminance. Based on the DIN EN 12464-1 standard, we recommend the following illuminance levels for industrial workplaces:

  • Coarse assembly work: 300 lx
  • Medium-fine assembly work: 500 lx
  • Fine assembly work: 750 lx
  • Very fine assembly work: 1000 lx
  • Electrical workshops, testing, adjusting: 1500 lx

100 lx means that at a distance of one metre from the luminaire, a luminous flux of 100 lumens hits an area of one square metre.


Assembly workstation on which an LED work light is mounted at the top so that the work surface is optimally illuminated


Good ergonomics

With the right lighting at the workplace, the concentration of employees and the quality of work can be increased.

Flexible alignment

With rotatable workplace lights, the lighting can be optimally adapted to the sitting position or body size.

Situational adaptation

With the right lights, you can control your lighting individually and as needed on site.


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Overview of our workplace lights

All our workplace lights (BEEWATEC LED) are fully adaptable to our pipe and square system, and can be used on any construction. The lights can be installed very flexibly and on the construction, so that even complex lighting scenarios can be solved (e.g. test workplace).

All lighting options offered use modern LED lighting technology, making the most efficient use of energy while extending service life and saving costs. Some of our workplace lights have scalable light output, ensuring optimal lighting conditions.

Rotating BEEWATEC LED task light with switch attached to a round pipe

Rotatable lights

Can be attached to round pipe or square profiles using appropriate joints and mounting brackets.

Also available as an ESD version for protection against electrostatic discharge.

Articulated arm lamp with table clamp for easy mounting

Adjustable arm light


Can be easily mounted on a worktop via a table clamp.

Not available as ESD version.

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