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Rack systems

Efficient and safe storage for every material.


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Individual rack systems for every requirement

Modular rack systems are used in the field of lean management wherever there are customer-specific requirements regarding dimensions (length, width and height), the number of levels, cantilevers or roller conveyors, the load capacity and flexibility. As a rule, the dimensions, the weight and the nature of the load carriers and materials determine the structure of the racking.

With modular rack systems, you can realise customised solutions and flexibly adapt them at any time should your circumstances (e.g.: production layout or general space conditions) change.

Different rack types:

All rack types can also be designed as heavy duty racks and/or as ESD racks.

Flow rack made of pipe racking system with two levels


Customised, flexible and adaptable rack systems exactly according to your ideas.

Efficient storage

Optimum use of existing space thanks to the flexibility of our pipe racking systems.

Process facilitators

Support your staging processes by attaching castors or installing roller rails.


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Type: Flow rack

For lean material provision according to the FIFO principle.

Flow racks are characterised by the use of inclined roller tracks, which ensure that load carriers are moved from A to B with the help of gravity alone. This makes them particularly suitable for the provision of goods and ensures the FIFO principle.

For higher loads, more stability (= heavy duty rack) or dynamic forces (e.g. as trolleys), flow racks can also be implemented from our square systems (aluminium or steel).

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Type: Shelf rack

A classic rack made from a modular racking system.

Racks usually consist of several horizontal levels and are used in almost every company and in every industry. Thanks to the flexibility of the pipe racking system, the dimensions of the rack and the shelves can be individually adapted to your space conditions as well as to the goods and load carriers. The height of the shelves can be changed quickly and easily at any time.

For higher loads, more stability (= heavy duty shelving) or dynamic forces (e.g. as a trolley), shelving can also be implemented from our square systems (aluminium or steel).


Type: Cantilever rack

For ideal storage of long goods.

Cantilever racks are characterised by their cantilevers (= cantilever arms) on which the loads are stored. The cantilever arms can be aligned on one side or on two sides. Cantilever racks are also called long goods racks and are suitable for the storage of long storage units such as pipes, profiles or panels.

For higher loads, more stability (= heavy duty rack) or dynamic forces (e.g. as trolleys), cantilever racks can also be implemented from our square systems (aluminium or steel).


Components of modular rack systems

Our modular pipe racking system by G.S. ACE provides the optimal basis for our rack systems. In most cases, our round steel pipe is used to realise your solution quickly and cost-efficiently. For even higher stability requirements, for example for reinforced base frames or for heavy duty applications, we recommend the use of our square profiles (aluminium or steel).

For each rack system, we offer suitable accessories in our modular system, such as castor wheels, roller rails, plates or even drawbars and coupling systems.

All solutions can also be realised as ESD versions / ESD racks.

Design your rack

With our 3D software BEEVisio, you can design your individual solution quickly and easily. You have direct access to all the individual components you need for planning.

If required, we can handle the construction work for you. Talk to us and find out more about your options.

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Tips for planning a rack system

The construction of a rack does not necessarily have to consist of round pipe only. In order to achieve greater structural strength and resistance to damage or deformation, square profiles can additionally be used. These form a stable base frame, while round pipe profiles provide a light, flexible and cost-efficient structure.

With the help of special joints, round pipe profiles can be combined with square profiles without any problems. This way you can benefit from the advantages of both systems.

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Combination of aluminum square pipes and round steel pipes


For more flexibility, we recommend attaching castors to the rack. This turns a simple rack system into a flexible material transport trolley that allows you to react quickly in the production environment and optimise your material supply at the same time.

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Corner joint for steel square pipes and wheels


Especially when transporting goods, the topic of storage by means of adapted rack constructions plays an essential role. For safe transport, racks can be designed with textile compartments or particularly gentle panel materials (e.g. BEESave). This allows you to optimally store, transport and protect sensitive goods or goods with large and complex geometries.

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Shelving systems with fabric shelves as milkrun trailer system


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