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Flow racks

For an optimal flow of goods in your production and logistics.


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What is a flow rack?

Flow racks are rack and storage systems that move load carriers by means of gravity and ensure the FIFO principle (= first-in, first-out). Roller tracks, which are installed with a slight incline, allow the next unit in the rack compartment to move up. With flow racks, crates, KLT boxes or cartons are stored from one side and removed from the other. This type of storage offers maximum efficiency.

Gravity flow racks are often also referred to as supermarket racks or
FIFO racks. Individual flow racks ensure an optimal flow of goods and help to achieve ergonomic loading and picking.

Various versions:

  • Standard flow racks
  • Corner solutions
  • Shooter solutions
  • Rocker solutions

Flow rack made of pipe racking system for storage according to the FIFO principle

Flow rack with several shelves for KLT boxes


Good reasons for a flow rack

Flow racks are often used in lean production in the warehouse (e.g. as supermarket shelves) and help to use existing space for storage. Employees save time and have short distances, as the goods can be removed directly at the workplace.

Due to the flexibility of our modular system, the structure of the racking system can be individually adapted according to your requirements. The number of levels, the height of the compartments or the rollers depend on your circumstances (especially material, weight and number of load carriers).

Efficient storage

Space-Saving storage of boxes or cartons, with small surface area and large quantities.

Material flow

Automatic movement of the load carriers and guarantee of the FIFO principle.

Two-sided access

Seamless work and easy picking without interruption caused by material changeovers.

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Components of a flow rack

Our flow racks are constructed from our pipe racking system to ensure strength, flexibility and cost efficiency. Inclined Rollers allow the load carrier to slide by gravity. Castors can be added to make the flow rack flexible. This makes it possible to react quickly if the layout of the production or warehouse changes.

Thanks to the wide range of modular accessories, BeeWaTec flow racks meet every requirement.

Design your flow rack.

With our 3D software BEEVisio, you can design your individual solution quickly and easily. You have direct access to all the individual components you need for planning.

If required, we can handle the construction work for you. Talk to us and find out more about your options.

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Tips for planning a flow rack

The construction of a flow rack does not necessarily have to be made of round pipe only. To achieve greater structural strength and resistance to damage or deformation, square profiles can also be used. These form a stable base frame and a strong foundation.

By combining round steel pipe systems and square pipe profiles (aluminium or steel), you can combine the best of both systems.

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Mobile flow rack made of aluminum square pipes 45x45 mm and steel round pipes 28 mm


For particularly difficult space conditions, flow racks designed as a corner solution are suitable.

Even with rectangularly designed assembly lines, the available space can be fully utilised for storage. This also allows for ergonomic picking.

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Short flow rack with corner solution


Flow racks make it very easy to remove containers. But a quick and easy return transport of empty SLCs (small load carriers) also supports the employee and saves time. In many cases, we therefore recommend integrating separate levels for return when designing flow racking.

For special applications, rocker solutions can also be used for this process. Here, the empty box is placed on the returning roller conveyor by operating a lever on the rack without having to lift the box manually. This is a real advantage, especially for short throughput times and many changeover cycles.

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Flow rack with integrated rocker function for empty containers / boxes


Shooting" means the provision of material from a transport medium A (e.g. mobile flow rack) to a transfer station B (e.g. provision rack) and vice versa. The aim is the transfer of load carriers from A to B.

This works purely mechanically: by docking / contact, a mechanical interlock is released and full load carriers are automatically transferred with the help of gravity. In parallel, empty load carriers return on another level.

A distinction is made between a side-drive shooter and a front-drive shooter.

The side drive shooter is triggered by driving up to the shelf from the side. After docking, the latch is pushed down, releasing the containers, which then start moving on their own.

The front shooter is triggered by frontal docking on the shelf. After docking, the latch is pushed down, releasing the containers, which then start moving automatically.

Shooter element for flow racks


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