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Assembly lines

For optimal mapping of assembly and work processes.

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What is an assembly line?

Assembly lines are a combination of individual assembly workplaces or work
areas that optimally reproduce successive assembly and process steps in
production. Worker assemble individual parts, parts of a product or subassemblies in subsequent steps. For manufacturing, assembly lines are a common method to structure the plant and factory and often help to connect workers and machines.

Various designs:

  • Classic manufacturing, production and assembly lines
  • Assembly lines with direct connection to machines
  • U-cells
  • ESD production lines
  • Height-adjustable assembly lines

Workers at an assembly workstation from BeeWaTec


Good reasons for modular assembly lines

With the help of our modular systems, assembly stations as well as complete assembly lines can be realised, which can grow modularly with the increasing output of your production. By combining them with flow racks, conveyor lines / roller conveyors or our mobile robots, a lean production with seamless material supply and a high degree of automation is created. In this way, throughput times can be reduced and productivity increased at the same time. Especially for the realisation of a one-piece flow, an assembly line is the ideal solution for many customers, companies and industries (e.g. automotive industry).

One-piece flow describes continuous flow production and is part of lean thinking. Here, the products are usually manufactured in one run on assembly lines. The aim is to avoid bottlenecks in manufacturing and to be able to react quickly and flexibly to errors.


100% customised, up to automated assembly lines with endless customisation
and expansion possibilities.


Realisation of lean concepts and structuring of workflows for optimised
manufacturing processes.

Sustainably adaptable

Simple and sustainable response to changing conditions through modular expansion of existing assembly lines.

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Components of a modular assembly line

Our modular pipe and square systems form the perfect basis for flexible and mobile assembly lines. In combination with our variety of panels, LED lighting and powerful lifting technology, you realise the perfect working environment. Especially through the use of lifting systems, entire assembly and production lines can easily be ergonomically aligned in their height to support the health of workers.

Additional accessories round off the design of your assembly processes. Perforated plates, for example, help with the provision of tools. Magnetic boards, swivelling shelves or holders for monitors ensure the provision of information such as work or test instructions.

In short: Our modular system leaves nothing to be desired for your requirements in the field of efficient assembly technology.

Design your assembly line

With our 3D software BEEVisio, you can design your individual solution quickly and easily. You have direct access to all the individual components you need for planning.

If required, we can handle the construction work for you. Talk to us and find out more about your options.

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Tips for planning an assembly line

Combine mobile and flexible racking solutions and infeed sections by docking them from the side, for example.

In this way, you achieve a seamless and automated material supply without additional walking distances and save costs. Machine and plant downtime are eliminated as a result.

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Combination of a BeeWaTec flow rack with a BeeWaTec workstation


For moving heavy loads between the individual work areas of an assembly line, roller tracks can provide very good support. Heavy components or boxes do not have to be lifted and carried by workers, but can easily be moved manually between the workplaces.

Our UR roller tracks, which guide in several directions, are particularly suitable here.

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Roller conveyor embedded in the worktop as a connecting element between workstations within an assembly line


By using castors, you can move your assembly line without additional dismantling and assembly, should your circumstances or requirements change in the future.

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Mobile assembly workstation with blue worktop and perforated plate system


We offer the right table panel for every application. For example, if you work with sensitive materials in your work environment and want to avoid damage on site, it is advisable to provide the worktop with soft plastic or with rubber.

For other assembly applications, we offer stainless steel-covered work panels. In addition, we offer special work panels to ensure electrical conductivity for manufacturing and assembling sensitive parts within your factory.

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Assembly line with stainless steel-encased work surface and FIFO roller conveyors


Start now.

We not only offer you a modular system with all the parts you need for your project. We also support you in finding solutions, planning, construction and assembly. Let's get started!



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