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About us

Individual. Personal. Global.

Who we are

The BeeWaTec Group, headquartered in the Swabian town of Pfullingen, Germany, is internationally connected with a flexible and innovative product portfolio around lean manufacturing, agile production, and Industry 4.0, and has a decentralised presence through its own subsidiaries. The family-owned company is the supplier and process partner for many leading European companies in the field of workplace, logistics and production design.

We cannot and will not hide our Swabian roots. This includes the tinkerer and thinker gene as well as the proverbial efficiency thinking, which today benefits customers all over the world when it comes to developing lean, effective, and thus cost-saving solutions.

With our innovative modular system for lean manufacturing, we are one of the leading providers of lean and material flow solutions. We are a system provider and create both stand-alone solutions and complete concepts with integrated solutions for you.

As a medium-sized company, we focus on continuously high-quality standards - this applies to the manufacturing of our products as well as to the application of these systems for our customers.

If you are looking for solutions for a flexible and economical working and production environment, BeeWaTec is your perfect partner.


Hans-Peter Walter

Head of Management Board and Founder

As founder and Head of the Management Board of BeeWaTec AG, Hans-Peter Walter leads the companies of the BeeWaTec Group.


Joachim Walter


As CEO, Joachim Walter is the second generation of managers responsible for the strategic direction of all companies in the BeeWaTec Group.


Friedemann Brandt


As COO, Friedemann Brandt manages the operational business and is responsible for the operational orientation of all companies in the BeeWaTec Group.


Christiane Walter


As Chief Marketing Officer, Christiane Walter manages the global marketing processes and focuses on the business development of the BeeWaTec Group.


Jens Walter


Jens Walter is CTO and responsible for the technical direction of our group of companies.


Julian Fritsch


As CFO, Julian Fritsch is responsible for the financial management of the BeeWaTec Group and thus holds what is sometimes the highest strategic position within the group of companies.


Tomáš Kožoušek

CEO - BeeWaTec Czech

As CEO of BeeWaTec s.r.o., Tomáš Kožoušek is responsible for the strategic and operational orientation of BeeWaTec in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Mark Marton

CEO - BeeWaTec Romania

As CEO of BeeWaTec EastTrade S.R.L., Mark Marton is responsible for the strategic and operational orientation of BeeWaTec in Romania and Bulgaria. Together with Csaba Lázár, he is also responsible for the countries of Ukraine and Serbia as well as the entire area of South-East Europe.


Csaba Lázár

CEO - BeeWaTec Hungary

As CEO of BeeWaTec Hungária Bt., Csaba Lázár is responsible for the strategic and operational orientation of BeeWaTec in Hungary. Together with Mark Marton, he is also responsible for Ukraine, Serbia and the entire area of South-East Europe.


Paweł Styrna

CEO - BeeWaTec Poland

As CEO of BeeWaTec Poland, Paweł Styrna is responsible for the strategic and operational orientation of BeeWaTec in Poland.


Darius Dzikavicius

CEO - BeeWaTec Baltics

As CEO of BeeWaTec Baltics UAB, Darius Dzikavicius is responsible for the strategic and operational orientation of BeeWaTec in the Baltic States.

Our supervisory board



Martin Rath

Expert in Laws & Rights

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Urs Dosch

Expert in Management Consulting

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The management and BeeWaTec employees talking in the BeeWaTec showroom.
A man wearing a BeeWaTec shirt speaks to two other people.
Joachim Walter explains a diagram on the principles of lean production.

Our strategy

One of the few constants in today's world of production and work is that it’s always changing. Markets and products are subject to rapid developments, with which production and logistics must also keep pace. How successful a company is in the international competitive environment will be decided not only by the quality and prices of its products, but also by the time factor.

Launching a good idea onto the market as a product - before someone else does it; producing large quantities efficiently - at fair prices: These are the corporate goals that we at BeeWaTec consistently implement, in partnership and together with our customers, employees and sales partners.

Lean manufacturing, agile production and Industry 4.0 are buzzwords that we fill with life anew every day.

"Production and market advantages are always created when the right tool and the right material are available at exactly the right time and in the right place."
(Joachim Walter, Executive board of BeeWaTec AG)

We meet our customers where they currently are within their company development. We implement customer requirements - standardised, DIN-compliant and ISO-certified, but always as a flexible custom solution that is designed virtually and then tested and optimised in the BeeWaTec test centre under tough practical conditions. Installation, commissioning, training, technical support and ongoing development are further steps with which we consistently support our customers.

Our in-house research and development department spends a lot of time finding out what the production environment of the future will look like and what customers will want in five or ten years' time.

In terms of ergonomics, efficiency and reliable supply, we are always one step ahead of our time. Do you also want to take the lead with us?

A person in protective workwear carries out welding work in BeeWaTec's in-house production.
A BeeWaTec electrician carries out professional work on an electrical component.
In the in-house carpentry facility, a BeeWaTec employee prepares a wooden panel exactly to size.

Strong international presence

Continuous growth in stable structures - that is not only our company motto. We are globally networked and present throughout Europe.
Today, BeeWaTec and its seven international subsidiaries form a powerful network for service and availability - a network that also provides our customers with a solid basis for their investments and expansion.

With our high storage capacity and precisely timed internal logistics we can guarantee just-in-time delivery. Your advantage as a customer: short delivery and realisation times as well as high product availability – turn ideas quickly and easily into functioning means of production.

We manufacture important core components in-house; this applies to electrics, mechanics, and woodworking as well as to our software modules.
Our own welding department enables smooth implementations of special adaptations.

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Several people pick items for dispatch at a modern automated vertical storage system.
An experienced BeeWaTec employee mounts a wheel on a pipe racking construction as part of a customer order.
The overhead view shows the hustle and bustle in a large BeeWaTec warehouse.

The key to success:
established know-how and modern management

The basis of our company's success has always been our qualified specialist staff, whom we retain in the long term with flat hierarchies and modern corporate management. Established know-how is just as important as an early and carefully prepared generational change within top management.

This effective mix of tradition and innovation is what makes BeeWaTec so successful, both nationally and internationally - and provides your company with exactly the equipment you need to turn your ideas into reality.

A designer is working intently on a technical drawing in the BEEVisio software.
Some people stand around a table and hold components of the pipe racking system in their hands.
An engineer views a complex technical drawing and parts list of a construction on three monitors.

Start now.

We not only offer you a modular system with all the parts you need for your project. We also support you in finding solutions, planning, construction and assembly. Let's get started!


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