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Lean solutions

The basis of lean production.


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Lean with BeeWaTec

BeeWaTec offers you a wide range of lean solutions with which you can implement the principles of lean production in reality: Rack systems, flow racks, workstations, assembly lines, transport and material trolleys, whiteboards and Karakuri applications enable you to achieve maximum productivity, increase output and relieve employees. Topics such as ergonomics, process optimisation and flexibly selectable accessories also play a decisive role. With BeeWaTec Lean solutions, nothing stands in the way of lean manufacturing in your company. Think lean, get lean.

Why Lean?

  • Optimisation of storage capacities
  • Time- and resource-saving organisation
  • Improvement of the flow of goods
  • Reduced waiting and throughput times
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficient manufacturing
  • Focus on customer demand (just-in-time, JIT)
  • Elimination of over-production through the pull system

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Assembly workstation made of round pipe with lifting system and various accessories


What is Lean Production & Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Production, or lean manufacturing, is the application of a set of methods and principles with the aim of making value creation in manufacturing and logistics more efficient. The basic idea of lean manufacturing is to avoid any kind of waste and increase efficiency and productivity. On the one hand, waste can be understood in the conventional sense as a waste of material and time. On the other hand, waste also describes unnecessary transport and walking distances, the inefficient use of personnel, machines and operating resources as well as unnecessary waiting times. All these resources contribute to the general efficiency of production, value creation and logistics in a company and must be considered individually.

Origin of Lean Production & Lean Manufacturing
Lean Production has its origin in a Japanese car factory (Toyota; Toyota Production System). There, a method was developed that, starting from the workplace of the individual employees, systematically optimises manufacturing and processes in a resource-saving way. The term "lean" can be translated with the German word "schlank". It describes that processes are reduced to the essentials in order to eliminate redundant paths as well as storage, waiting and throughput times, all summarised under the term "waste".

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Shadowboard on which tools are placed at positions marked with their contours in color

Supermarket shelf with plastic containers of different sizes


Methods of Lean Production & Lean Management

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In our digital showroom you will find many of our successful projects and customer solutions. Get inspired for your own project and take the opportunity to view individual and proven designs in 3D.

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