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For writing down ideas and information

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What is a whiteboard?

Whiteboards are a special type of board used to write down ideas and at the same time to attach information (e.g. attaching a technical drawing). A whiteboard usually has a white, smooth and magnetic surface that can be written on and wiped off with special whiteboard pens / whiteboard markers.

Especially in industry and production, whiteboards are often used to visualise production plans, key figures or current shift divisions.

Different versions:

  • Whiteboards (free-standing, with or without wheels)
  • Whiteboard panels / whiteboard surfaces (often integrated in (assembly) workstations)
  • Shopfloor board

Mobile whiteboard from the pipe racking system by G.S. ACE


Good reasons for a whiteboard

By using a whiteboard, information can be written down, visualised and shared. Whiteboards are also ideal for integration into workplace systems to write down and organise work instructions, drawings, information or other documents. This way, employees have all important information (e.g. assembly steps) at hand, even if workplaces or employees are rotated.

Whiteboards play a particularly important role in shop floor management, as they help to bring together all the people involved (managers and employees) at the point of value creation. Not only can employees be easily informed and motivated, but production processes can also be continuously monitored and optimised.

Mobile shopfloor panel for production


Shopfloor Management

Visualisation, management and control of processes directly on site (e.g. in the
office or in assembly)


A whiteboard strengthens teamwork and facilitates methods such as brainstorming.

Mix of media

A real alternative to purely digital media and ways of working.


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Whiteboard components

With the help of our modular pipe racking systems, free-standing whiteboards can also be realised as desired, in addition to integration into workplace systems. The size of the writable surfaces can be selected.

Castors make whiteboards mobile and easy to set up flexibly in your production or logistics.

Design your whiteboard solution

With our 3D software BEEVisio, you can design your individual solution quickly and easily. You have direct access to all the individual components you need for planning.

If required, we can handle the construction work for you. Talk to us and find out more about your options.

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