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Lean modular system

For maximum flexibility and future-proof processes.


The modular system for lean production.

With the modular system for the pipe racking system, we offer you the hardware components you need to build your own equipment according to the principles of lean production. In addition to round steel pipes and round aluminium pipes, we also offer square steel pipes and square aluminium pipes.

Without welding and with little effort, all components of the pipe racking system offer you a simple and flexible way to build equipment (e.g. rack systems, flow racks, workplaces, material transport trolleys, etc.).

Due to relatively low investment costs, you can already see enormous savings and optimisation potential in your production and logistics environment. Thus, you can realise short-term environmental changes yourself even with a limited budget.

Movable shelf made of tube racking system with containers in various designs on several levels.


What makes our modular system special

Our pipe racking systems and individual components allow you to customise your production environment and intralogistics - flexibly, simply, scalably and cost-effectively.

In addition to the individual components for lean production, BeeWaTec also provides you with sound expert knowledge and excellent service. With our years of experience, we are constantly developing our modular system to offer you the maximum in efficiency and new possibility.

Flow rack as corner solution with wheels



Customised solutions based on different pipe racking systems for industrial use.


Easy adaptation and optimisation of existing lean solutions with the modular


Reusable and flexible components: "Screwing instead of welding".

Our pipe racking systems and profiles

With our various pipe racking systems, we offer the right assembly system for every application. Each of our four pipe systems can stand alone or be combined with the help of suitable joining elements (e.g.: transport trolley with a base frame made of square aluminium pipes and a body made of round steel pipes).

Steel round pipe

Area of application: Universal, especially for flow racks, assembly lines, workplace systems.

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6 steel round pipes in different colors

Aluminium round pipe

Area of application: mainly lightweight constructions, superstructures for transport trolleys and tugger trailers, workplace systems, side tables.

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Different aluminum round pipes with different profiles

Steel square pipe

Area of application: heavy-duty applications, base for material and transport trolleys, base frame for racks

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Fixed castor with polyurethane tread in light brown

Aluminium square pipe

Area of application: heavy-duty racks, load-bearing base frames for transport trolleys, tables for heavy assembly activities.

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A stable base frame made of aluminum square tubes, combined with round tubes.

Add-on parts and accessories

In order to design optimal solutions for people in terms of ergonomics and the Lean idea, further components are required in addition to the modular pipe racking systems.
The BeeWaTec pipe racking system includes a wide range of panels, lifting systems, workplace lamps, roller tracks, adjustable installation supports and castors, so that every Lean solution can be individually customised to your requirements.


Use our panels as table tops, shelves or partitions.

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4 different types of wooden panels for individual design of workstations, shelves and other industrial equipment.

Lifting systems

Use our lifting systems to equip your workplace systems (also retrofitted) with height adjustment.

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A hydraulic lifting system mounted on a workstation enables height adjustment.

Workplace lighting

Use our BEEWATEC LED workplace lights for more ergonomics and healthy working.

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A lamp mounted on a round tube directly above a workstation for ergonomic work.

Roller tracks

Use our roller tracks for your flow rack or conveyor line and to ensure the FIFO principle.

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Roller rail with plastic rollers suitable for various standard applications.

Installation supports and castors

Use our installation supports and castors to give your solution a secure and stable (and mobile) stand.

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A castor with mounting plate, in the background a swivel castor with brakes

Additional accessories

Accessories such as floor markings, perforated panels, workstation mats as well as open fronted storage boxes are the ideal accessories for your production.

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A perforated plate as the back wall of a workstation, to which various accessories, tool holders are attached.

Software to support

For the planning and design of a lean solution, we offer two design tools. With these, you can start independently, easily and quickly. If you have questions or limited resources, we will be happy to support you in the implementation. Contact us.

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Use our BEEVisio planning software to design your specific solution. Here you have access to all the components you need to quickly visualise and implement your idea.

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Screenshot of a view from a CAD drawing of a flow rack, created in the BEEVisio software.


Use our free tool BEELopt and create length-optimised cutting lists for your pipes and roller tracks. This way you only use the material you really need for your project and reduce waste and costs.

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A round tube is cut exactly to size on a large saw

Discover the possibilities of our modular system

Based on your requirements, our individual components are used to create lean
solutions such as flow racks, assembly workplaces or transport trolleys, which help you to implement and optimise processes, value flows and ergonomic aspects according to the principles of lean production.

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Two people demonstrate the versatile use of constructions from the modular pipe system


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We not only offer you a modular system with all the parts you need for your project. We also support you in finding solutions, planning, construction and assembly. Let's get started!



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In our digital showroom you will find many of our successful projects and customer solutions. Get inspired for your own project and take the opportunity to view individual and proven designs in 3D.

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