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Roller conveyors

For a lean flow of goods and for bridging long distances.


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What is a roller conveyor?

Roller conveyors are conveyor systems that move load carriers (mostly SLC boxes or cartons) from A to B over a certain distance with the help of roller tracks. Depending on the length and height of a conveyor line, individual load carriers can be moved by gravity alone. If, on the other hand, longer distances are involved, additional external energy is often added, usually via driven systems (e.g. conveyor belts).

By using roller tracks, the loading, e.g. boxes, automatically move forward and, analogous to flow racks, not only ensure an efficient type of (intermediate) storage, but also the FIFO principle (first-in-first-out) at the same time. Especially gravity roller conveyors are a very cost-effective way for short ranges, individual applications and easy material handling.

Different versions:

  • Gravity roller conveyor / gravity conveyor line (with incline)
  • Powered roller conveyors / belt conveyors
  • Corner applications for gravity roller conveyors
  • Corner applications for powered roller conveyors

Mobile conveyor line / flow rack with rocker function

Roller tracks as corner solution for conveyor lines


Good reasons for a roller conveyor

Roller conveyor / Conveyor lines are used primarily when materials, goods or workpieces are to be transported from one work area or workplace to the next. This eliminates walking distances and at the same time reduces the frequency of lifting and carrying individual boxes. In this case, not only the handling processes are supported, but also the health of the employees.

Modular pipe racking and square systems allow 100% individual conveyor lines to be realised. Your respective circumstances and requirements decide, for example, on the number of levels, the height of the levels or the design of the roller conveyor.

Automatic transport

Load carriers are moved from the filling side to the removal side by means of a gradient to ensure seamless material supply.

Bridging distances

Conveyor lines close the gap between work areas without additional manual
transport operations.

Moving heavy loads

Supporting the health of employees through shorter walking distances


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Components of a (gravity) roller conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors from BeeWaTec are mostly made of the pipe racking system (steel) for high stability and flexibility. Different roller tracks allow optimal movement for individual loading.

If conveyor lines are equipped with castors, they can be moved quickly and flexibly.

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Tips for planning a conveyor belt

By using powered conveyor systems (e.g. belt conveyors), greater distances can be covered in production, as the length of a conveyor line is not limited by a necessary gradient for gravity solutions.

With driven systems, it is also possible to realise low gradients on the transport path. This means that the height of the track can be adjusted to a small extent on both sides (on the storage side and on the removal side).

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Powered roller conveyor with substructure made of pipe racking system


Corner or curve solutions of gravity roller conveyors offer efficient use of space. Here, roller tracks are often used that lead in several directions (UR roller tracks).

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Roller tracks as corner solution for conveyor lines


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