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Roller tracks

For automated transport of boxes and cartons.




Advantages of roller tracks

Roller tracks enable the movement of SLC boxes, cartons, containers or individual parts from one point to another with the help of gravity. Two roller tracks form a roller conveyor (without drive), which keeps the load carrier on track with the help of lateral guides.

Roller conveyors are an indispensable component in many pipe constructions to get a fast delivery of boxes and to ensure the FIFO principle. From a simple continuous flow system for load carriers / transport containers / cartons with a straight track, to curved and all-side rollers, to a crate changing system, roller tracks are the ideal solution for implementing efficient conveyor technology in your company.


KLT box moves independently by gravity on roller rails


Automatic movement of carriers by gravity

Load carriers are moved from the filling side to the removal side by means of a gradient. In this way, load carriers / transport containers can automatically move up and ensure a reliable delivery.

Support for moving heavy loads

Roller tracks can help workers to move heavy workpieces (>20 kg) simply by guiding them manually, e.g. between two workplaces.

Bridging long distances

Roller tracks are also used for an easy delivery of containers or workpieces over longer distances. Here, the movement is usually not realised by a gradient, but by the supply of external energy from , for example, driven systems (conveyor belts).


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Types of roller tracks

Our roller tracks come in numerous designs and with different roller diameters and can be combined with all of our systems (steel pipe racking system, aluminium pipe racking system, steel square system and aluminium square system). They can be easily adjusted in length (standard length is 4000 mm for GP and 3000 mm for UR roller tracks).

The roller tracks from our manufacturer G.S. ACE have excellent running properties, smooth, low-noise passage of parts even at low gradients, and high impact resistance. Their high stability ensures a long service life. They are available in numerous designs for different requirements.

Various accessories, such as special fastening elements, lateral guides and stoppers, round off the portfolio and offer an optimal connection to the pipe racking system.

GP roller track in black with integrated collar as side guide

GP roller tracks


Our GP roller tracks have rollers that run in one direction. These are mostly used in flow racks and straight conveyor lines.


  • Different widths of rollers and roller tracks
  • Different geometries of the rollers (cylindrical, flat, slanted,...)
  • Roller tracks with exchangeable rollers
  • Rollers with integrated lateral guide


  • Plastic (for standard applications)
  • Rubber (for additional noise suppression)
  • Steel (for high loads due to weight or temperature)

Also available in conductive version (ESD).

UR roller track for changing the direction of moving objects

UR roller tracks


Our UR roller tracks are roller tracks with rollers that run in several directions. These are used for corner solutions or for moving the load carrier, e.g. to a subsequent workplace.


  • Different widths of rollers and roller tracks
  • Roller tracks with exchangeable rollers


  • Plastic

Also available in conductive version (ESD).

Tips for using roller tracks

We recommend to use roller tracks with integrated lateral guides (= collar on each roller). This not only saves you money, but especially space, as no additional lateral guide is required.


Roller track with integrated lateral guide


Slide pipes form an inexpensive alternative to roller tracks. These are special pipes, with a smooth sliding surface, on which e.g. SLC boxes can be moved over short distances and also with the help of gravity.


Sliding pipes with integrated side guide for containers within reach at the workplace


Depending on the combination of roller track and load carrier, noise can be generated when moving, for example, KLT containers.

For special requirements in terms of low noise, we offer roller tracks with rollers made of rubber or with a special body made of plastic.


Roller track with elastic rubber rollers


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