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Energy supply and device technology

Ideal power supply for your lab.

Energy supply directly at the workplace

As a laboratory fitter, we offer you a wide range of basic equipment for measuring systems, test systems and devices for power supply (AC/DC) in addition to our laboratory tables and furniture. These are mainly used in test laboratories (e.g.: prototyping, quality assurance) and laboratories of schools and universities to enable examinations, experiments and tests.

With a 19" adapter cassette developed by us, individual modules (boxes, sockets, switches, etc.) can be integrated - in table superstructures, bridges, power ducts, shelves or wherever they are needed. This allows you to assemble any components according to your requirements and use them for your laboratory.

Did you know?
Our integrated power supply can be ideally combined with our workstation systems made of our pipe racking system. This gives you even more flexibility and combines the advantages of both worlds.

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5-corner duct

The 5-corner power duct is used to hold small power fittings. The aluminium profile is available in standard lengths from 400 to 2000 mm (special lengths on request) and can be installed as required.

Key facts:

  • Stable and sleek extruded aluminium profile
  • Any mounting position possible, even upright
  • Can be fitted with all standard 3HE front panels
  • Elegant design, basic body made of a corrugated, anodised aluminium finish
  • Anodised aluminium front panels, size 3U, pitch units in TE
  • Customised channel length

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5-corner duct made of extruded aluminium profile for power supply of a workstation with built-in supply units


Rectangular duct

The rectangular duct is used to hold power supply and 3U equipment technology. The duct is available in standard lengths from 400 to 2000 mm (special lengths on request) and can be installed as required.

Key facts:

  • Sleek design, cuboid base body made of anodised aluminium surface, side panels made of wood.
  • Anodised aluminium front panels size 3U, pitch units in TE
  • Customised channel length
  • Power supplies and 3U device technology can be integrated (for device selection, see device description)

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19" device technology

The BeeWaTec range of units is designed as a modular system in 19" technology. Smaller units are partly designed in cassette technology, larger units directly in the subrack. For large units, the construction width is 19", the construction height is 3U or 6U. The units suitable for this type of installation can be found in the unit description. Integration in 3U or 6U wooden cabinets is possible.

Take a look at our products and configure your individual power distribution system from sockets, jacks and switches.

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Built-in device technology in a 19 inch subrack


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