Jens Walter

Jens Walter is CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and lean expert with years of professional experience in lean production and automation. As Head of Engineering, he supports our customers in projects and major restructurings and helps them to implement lean processes and lean concepts in production and logistics.

Kaizen - Kaizen principle, Kaizen methods & importance for companies

In a world where markets are changing rapidly and competition is more intense than ever, organizations are looking for effective methods to remain agile and competitive. Kaizen, a basic component of lean management, is proving to be an indispensable...

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Kanban: Definition, Method, Principles, Examples & Kanban Board

In an ever-changing business world, where flexibility and efficiency are crucial, the Kanban method offers a proven way to optimize work processes...

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Value creation & value chain explained simply - definition and examples

In today's globalised economy, value creation is a critical factor for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition and achieve...

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What is Lean? Definition - Lean Management, Methods & Principles

At a time when companies are striving to increase efficiency and cut costs, the concept of lean management has established itself as a highly...

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