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Fast, contactless and autonomous charging.

What is BEECharge?

BEECharge is a charging station for autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automated guided vehicles (AGV). BEECharge enables fast, wireless charging with a distance of up to 40 mm.

With the help of the BEECharge charging system, mobile robots and AGVs can also be supplied with energy during operation (in-process charging). This allows fleet efficiency to be increased and 24/7 operation to be realised.

In addition, BEECharge not only works for all our autonomous mobile robots (BARY), but also for charging other systems.

A mobile robot from BeeWaTec charges at the wireless charging station BEECharge


Wireless Charging

BEECharge promotes greater safety during the charging process and eliminates mechanical contact at the charging contact, which results in no wear and tear. The system is therefore maintenance-free.

Less downtime

With BEECharge, mobile robots and AGVs can charge independently and intelligently during their processes (= opportunity charging). This means that any waiting times can be optimally used for charging.

Flexible applications

Operation and installation are quick and easy (= plug and play). Should your operating layout ever change, BEECharge can simply be put into operation at another location.

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