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Lean & Lean Management

The 6S Method - How to improve the efficiency and safety of your workplace

In today's fast-paced work environment, efficiency and organization are critical to the success of any business. An inefficient work environment can...

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Value stream mapping | Meaning and procedure

The optimization of production processes through lean production and continuous improvement processes (CIP) aims to reduce throughput times, which...

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Production planning and control | Basics and tips

Efficient management of production planning and control is crucial for the success of a company in the manufacturing industry. By optimizing the...

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Shop Floor Management - a tool for building a Lean culture

In the competitive environment of today's marketplace, effective production management is crucial to the success of any business. Shop floor...

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What is the 5S method? 5S in lean management simply explained

In today's business world, efficient working plays a central role. One proven method for optimizing workplace organization is the 5S method. But what...

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Kaizen - Kaizen principle, Kaizen methods & importance for companies

In a world where markets are changing rapidly and competition is more intense than ever, organizations are looking for effective methods to remain...

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Kanban: Definition, Method, Principles, Examples & Kanban Board

In an ever-changing business world, where flexibility and efficiency are crucial, the Kanban method offers a proven way to optimize work processes...

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Value creation & value chain explained simply - definition and examples

In today's globalised economy, value creation is a critical factor for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition and achieve...

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What is Lean? Definition - Lean Management, Methods & Principles

At a time when companies are striving to increase efficiency and cut costs, the concept of lean management has established itself as a highly...

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