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601629 Tugger Trailer

This Milkrun system tugger trailer can be loaded with 400×600 mm container boxes or any kind of material from both sides. The aluminium profiles and base frame from the MC system provide the necessary stability and load capacity. The pipe protection provides safety for the material stored on it.

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Initial situation:

Do you have small production and storage areas and at the same time a large number of goods that needs to be stored and transported? Do you want to ensure stability and maximum safety when loading your materials? Do you need to transport delicate or unstable material? Do you want a trolley that can be linked with other trolleys?

Our Solution:

This Milkrun system tugger trailer can store and move up to 20 container boxes of 600×400 mm or any kind of material on a total of 5 levels. The base frame made from MC steel profiles ensures sufficient rigidity and stability. The material can be easily loaded from both sides of the tugger trailer, which is secured by 2 pipes guards per side. The shelves with anti-slip surface ensure almost zero movement of the material. Several trolleys can be linked together and even coupled to a forklift truck.


Technical Information:

Article number: 601629
Length: 1935 mm
Width: 920 mm
Height: 1930 mm
Profile Type: Steel (round, Ø28 mm, D-COAT)
Profile Type: Aluminium (square, 45x45 mm, with slot 10)
Profile Type: Steel (square, 45x45 mm)
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