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601638 Tool Cabinet On Wheels

Cabinet on wheels for storing cleaning equipment or various tools. It consists of three compartments, one larger and two smaller for storing various items. Additional tools can also be hung outside on hooks on each side of the cabinet.

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Initial situation:

Do you need a mobile tool cabinet to move around your facility? Do you need more storage space for your cleaning or other tools? Are you struggling to keep your tools organized?

Our Solution:

This multi-functional cabinet for cleaning or other tools can be easily moved thanks to its wheels with brakes. The interior offers a large storage space consisting of one larger compartment and two smaller ones. The location of the tools on the outside can be indicated by a pictogram placed above the hooks.


Technical Information:

Article number: 601638
Length: 942 mm
Width: 688 mm
Height: 2136 mm
Profile Type: Steel (round, Ø28 mm, D-COAT)
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