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601618 Shooter system / FIFO rack

An ergonomic shooter system consisting of two FIFO racks for docking and automatic transfer of material. A stand that enables comfortable and fast working.

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Initial situation:

Is ergonomics important to you to ensure comfortable, efficient and fast working? Do you waste your time searching for smaller parts when you need them the most? Are you looking for a system with safety features?

Our Solution:

The stored box containing the part being worked on is conveniently positioned for the operator at the end of the loading branch. Smaller parts are stored in the inclined, fixed box at the top for easy access. A brake is attached to the output end of the return.


Technical Information:

Article number: 601618
Length: 2670 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Height: 1474 mm
Profile Type: Steel (round, Ø28 mm, D-COAT)
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