Karsten Weiß

Karsten Weiß is an experienced Lean expert. With several years of professional experience in process design and process optimization, he has practical knowledge in the areas of "Lean Production" and "Material Flow". Karsten shares his experience and know-how with our customers and supports them from the analysis and planning to the implementation of their projects.

Optimize your material flow in 5 steps - Material flow planning

The optimization of internal material flow is an important aspect of process optimization in companies. An optimized material flow can help reduce production costs, shorten lead times, and improve product quality. Both intralogistics and factory...

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Material flow in production and logistics - Definition & all you need to know

The material flow is an important part of every production and logistics. It describes the physical movement of materials, products and goods through...

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Material supply - 5 tips for optimizing production

In a production plant, efficient material supply is essential to keep production running smoothly and cost-efficiently. Poor material supply and...

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