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601611 Industrial Workstation

Simple industrial workstation for assembly or packing activities. Various shelves, tools and screen holders optimize organization and productivity while reducing clutter and workspace hazards.

No accessories included.

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Initial situation:

Do you need a simple but durable workstation where you can do all of your assembly or packing activities? Is it important for you that the tools are stored in an easily accessible place that the operator can reach at all times? Do you need monitors at your workstation that can be easily adjusted?

Our Solution:

Consider a sturdy, yet simple workstation for your assembly and packing tasks. Angled shelves and mobile carbine allow easy access to the most important tools and material. Monitor holders create ergonomic workstations, reducing neck and eye strain by allowing the user to adjust the height and angle of their monitor.


Technical Information:

Article number: 601611
Length: 1270 mm
Width: 880 mm
Height: 1810 mm
Profile Type: Steel (round, Ø28 mm, D-COAT)
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